Altech-Eco Natural Gas Vehicle Systems

Altech-Eco has engineered a seamlessly integrated and superior natural gas powered systems for Ford trucks and vans. With thousands of Altech-Eco Natural Gas Systems on the road today, you can be certain you will get the best system available on the market. Our OEM quality natural gas systems deliver consistent and reliable performance. By using an Altech-Eco natural gas system you will have a positive impact on Americas Air Quality, Energy Independence, Security and the Environment.

We have CNG systems for the Ford F150 5.0L Trucks, F250/350 Superduty's and Transit Van. 


Government & Commercial Fleet Upfits

Altech-Eco is your one stop shop for all your commercial and government fleet vehicle equipment needs; including service bodies, flat bed truck bodies, dump bed bodies, custom van packages, liftgates, snow plows & spreaders, inverters, strope lights, and hitches as well as a full line of additional equipment and accessories needed. 

Specialty Vehicle Solutions - Government and Commercial

Altech-Eco is a specialty vehicle and supply chain solutions provider bringing decades of international experience to foreign countries/military and United States government clients.We understand the diverse needs of commercial and government agencies and are proud to offer quality specialized vehicles to meet your needs.

We offer assistance via our established and best practices to deliver approved specialty vehicles, procurement and support services. We have distinguished ourselves as an early adopter of the inseparability of Operations, Logistics, and honing our efficiencies within highly demanding and austere deployment environments.

We have built partnerships with numerous companies (Ford Motor Company) to ensure the seamless procurement and delivery of specialty vehicles, parts, and maintenance support for a diverse set of tactical and non-tactical equipment. Our vast experience has built a robust supply chain network and confidence to meet the most demanding client requests.

Altech-Eco demonstrates recognized business management expertise providing ground and aviation services/support operations to Countries, Government, Military and Commercial clients. Services & Support tasks include the following: vehicles, and equipment acquisition, operational support, integration, testing, operations/maintenance support to include life cycle logistics and provision of vehicle services in support of requirements.

We recognize that the men and women that protect us must be equipped with vehicles that are built to perform and protect and loaded with appropriate equipment and technology. We offer a variety of vehicles to serve your needs, from police pursuit-rated vehicles, to special service vehicles, to armored personnel carriers.

With our experienced in-house team, we will work with you to assist in identifying the right vehicles and equipment for our application. For more information please contact an Altech-Eco sales representative at 828-654-8300.