Ford F-150 5.0L CNG Specifications

⇛ 2016 - 2020 Ford F-150 5.0L CNG Bi-fuel systems available.
⇛ Ford QVM and EPA certified.
⇛ Must order truck with the CNG engine package from ford.
⇛ CNG system warranty is 80,000 mile / 8 year emissions components and 36,000 mile/3 year non-emissions components.
⇛ Original ford warranty remains intact.
⇛ 12.8, 15.9 & 21 gasoline gallon equivalent (gge) CNG cylinder options. 21 gge tank is not available with 5.5' bed. Refills on 21 gge tank around 16-19.5 gge's, 9.6 gge tank around 7 - 8 gge's and 12.8 gge tank around 9.5 - 11 gge's. Altech-Eco does not guarantee the gge amount you will get when refueling.
⇛ Includes a diamond plate tank cover or diamond plate toolbox tank cover.
⇛ CNG fuel economy equivalent to that of gasoline with a CNG driving range from 250 - 400 miles.
⇛ Quarter turn manual shut-off valve located underneath driver side door.
⇛ 1 micron in-line CNG coalescing filter.
⇛ CNG system requires gasoline to be in the vehicle at all times for the CNG mode to operate and is designed to predominately operate in CNG mode and not designed to operate in gasoline only mode. The CNG system will turn off if the low gasoline fuel indicator lamp illuminates on dash board. The CNG system will operate only if there is CNG in the vehicle and the gasoline low level light is not illuminated. Gasoline only mode may experience some performance loss, we recommend 93 octane gasoline or higher.
⇛ There is no fuel selector switch.
⇛HOV lane eligible in many states and tax credits may be available, check with your tax advisor.