Ford CNG F-250/350 Superduty 6.2 and 6.8L - CNG Bi-Fuel Systems

⇛ 2011 thru 2022 6.2L EPA certified and 2023-2024 6.8L EPA approved.
⇛ All pickup models and trims available.
⇛ 12.7 & 21.1 gasoline gallon equivalent (gge) CNG tank options. 21 gge tank is not available with 5.5' bed. Refills on 21.1 gge tank varies 16-19.5 gge's and 12.7 gge tank around 9.5 - 11 gge's. Altech-Eco does not guarantee the gge amount you will get when refueling.
⇛ Includes a standard diamond plate tank cover or diamond plate tool box tank cover.
⇛ Includes Quarter Turn Manual Shut-Off Valve Located Under Driver Side Door.
⇛ 1 Micron in-Line coalescing filter.
⇛ CNG fuel receptacle installed behind gasoline fuel door.
⇛ CNG fuel economy equivalent to that of gasoline.
⇛ CNG fuel Gauge for 2020+ is on the fuel selector switch.
⇛ CNG system warranty of 80,000 Mile/8 year emissions components and 36,000 mile/3 year non-emissions components.
⇛ HOV lane eligible in many states and tax credits may be available, check with your tax advisor.
⇛ Altech-Eco natural gas vehicle systems are produced by Altech-Eco and are not a Ford Motor Company manufactured product.