Ford Natural Gas Vehicle Systems

Altech-Eco has engineered a seamlessly integrated and superior natural gas powered systems for Ford trucks and vans. An OEM quality natural gas system that delivers consistent, reliable performance and customer service.  

By using an Altech-Eco natural gas system you will have a positive impact on Americas air quality, energy independence, security and environment.

Ford QVM

Altech-Eco is an Ford QVM (Qualified Vehicle Modifier) CNG technology developer since 2011. Using an Altech-Eco CNG System insures the original Ford Engine and Powertrain Limited Warranty remains intact.

Ford is offering a suite of vehicles with the CNG prepped engine package that can be ordered with the Altech-Eco CNG system. These engines come with hardened valves and valve seats and other components to withstand the higher operating temperatures and lower lubricity of CNG.